Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If Pujols Comes Back

When a hairline crackers of the forearm sent Albert Pujols to the disabled list, many wrote off the man and the Cardinals.
Fifteen days later, they are still waiting for the sky to fall in Saint Louis. After going 6-7 since losing "The Machine" and keeping themselves afloat in the division since no one else in that division seems to have a pulse right now, there are rumors abound that Pujols is about to come back.
The news trickled out yesterday that Pujols had been swinging at full strength for almost a week, pain-free. N
Next we heard "maybe by the all star break."
Now, it might be tonight.
The ought of owners losing Pujols is worse than the actuality of having lost Pujols. While still a top flight option, owners had been waiting for most of the season for him to wake up. It wasn't until the start of June that he began looking like himself.
Owners are now faced with a tough choice in bringing Pujols back because it might be a few weeks before he is relevant to your line-up again.
Either way, the man is a BEAST.

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