Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts during the ninth inning of Florida Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies

I am going to speak on complete emotion for a moment as I watch the conclusion of the Phillies- Marlins. Moments after the base clearing triple by Michael Martinez in the ninth inning gave the Phils an 11-2 lead, the camera scrolled the Marlin infielders- who, each were exhibiting body language of the vanquished.
The initial thought is, has Mckeon lost the team? If not, will he stand for this? Am I just blustering about a blow- out.
UPDATE: Ryan Howard just doubled down the right field line. score is now 12-2.
I always find myself concerned when a team doesn't look angry about losing that much. I once heard that inside every sports writer lies a frustrated athlete. In this case, a frustrated athlete who hated losing. Even if it was losing to a superior foe.
UPDATE: Raul Ibanez homers to the short porch in right.
14-2... And suddenly I think my argument about quitting has concluded. I hope Trader Jack gets angry.

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