Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Victorino, Polanco and the Phillies Fantasy value going into the break.

Over the past few months the two most consistent and productive players on the Phillies roster have been third baseman Placido Polanco and Outfielder Shane Victorino.
Over the weekend, both admitted to being banged up to the point where it is affecting their play. Shane has a bum thumb and Polly seems to have jacked his back.
For Polanco, after a torrid start to the season and a career best mo , his average has plummeted. Some of it has been attributed to the veteran hitter being moved into the fifth spit as the Phillies slumped offensively. However, Polly admitted he is in pretty bad shape. (though he intends to play in the All-Star Game.)
Vitorino, who apparently jammed his thumb in the wall over the weekend, has been sent back to Philly and isn't expected to re-join the team until Friday.
Polanco's value has steadily been going down since he was moved to fifth. It is strange to see his line ever dip this far below the .300 mark. At this point however, Mark Reynolds is a safer play at 3G.
Victo is a different story. His line of .303 with nine homers and 34 RBI isn't awe inspiring, but over the last month leading into the injury, he was the safest play in red pinstripes. His injury takes away the team's second hottest bat behind Chase Utley (who has been beasting a bit of late.)
His loss will leave a hole in the line up, which may induce a week long cold spell, until they get him back.

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